Friday, February 11, 2011

yeeaaayyy... i'm start to post my new BLOG!! ^.^

finally, i post my blog!!
after i've been so confuse of choosing my blog's design @_@"

first of all.. i want to introduce you all about my family...

this is my lovely Husband, Mr. Reky Noviardo :

" hehehe... he's cute isn't he??"

and these are my lovely kids, Mauhan and Jamie :

this is M. Mauhan Alfatih Noviardo
(he looks so much like his father...hehehe...)


this is M. Jemal Zada Alravi
(he looks so much like me... :p)

and we are :

ehehehehhee.... silly family!! but I LOVE THEM SOOOO MUCH!!

owthay.. i guess it's enuff for The Noviardos... ;)

Vitri Zada Noviardo

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