Saturday, February 12, 2011

Request from Samantha! ;)

i got request from sammy to post her work on the 'matahari-catalogue-lebaran issue2010'
owthay.. this is it (hope you enjoy it sam... :D)

*i  took this picture from sammy's profile picture on her BBM

and.. -_-" yea, that was me as a model (sammy should pay me for thiss!! hehe...)

photographer : Aldian Iriady
stylist : samantha tan
make up : ^.^ i did it my self...

the photosession for  the catalogue was soo much fun!
the models, the makeup artist, the photographer, and also matahari's crew were cool (hiks, miss u all guys!)
and that was my last project that i do when i'm still working for feminagroup.

---> this is me with sammy

*i like sammy's sunglasses, it's from Rayban .
but i like mine too! i get it from Forever21
oh, sammy also do styling for these too!

*grrr... i look skinnier here... and it reminds me of how i'm getting fat now.. -_-"

i guess i miss those old times when i did that project... :(
look what i did!! :P

and this is the result... *TADAAA!!

i think i lost the other pictures of that catalogue... (hiks!)

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